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    Wrocław - Ofiar Oświęcimskich 3

    Ofiar Oświęcimskich 3
    District: Stare Miasto

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    FROM 112,08 PLN / PERSON
    Do you have questions? Call! Hotline:+48 788 000 400
    Apartment details
    • 32 PLN
    Wroclaw, Stare Miasto
    max. numberpeople
    30 m2
    service language
    polski, English
    reception address
    Wrocław, Krawiecka 1/113
    A deposit of 300.00 PLN is required
    important Information
    Check-in 15:00 check-out 11:00
    czas na anulowanie rezerwacji
    do 7 dni przed przyjazdem
    in apartment:
    parking on the street: 35 PLN, blackboard - lack, breakfast: 32 PLN, free Internet, kitchenette, no smooking, no pets allowed, separate bathroom, heating, private Parking
    in room:
    1 x double sofa bed, ironing board, vacuum cleaner, iron, bedding, TV set, cable TV, Satellite TV, coffee table, shelves, radio
    in bathroom:
    washing machine, Hair dryer, towels, vanity cupboard, washbasin, shower, Heated towel bar
    in kitchenette:
    hood, oven, Sink, Complimentary Tea & Coffee, Kitchen Utensils, cutlery, kettle, freezer, refrigerator, pans, cooking hob, plates
    Apartment description
    Apartment Victims of Auschwitz 3 is distinguished by modern interior designed by a professional decorator. The spacious living room space is illuminated by a large skylight windows which let in the rays of the sun. Mood lights add stylish and fashionable wallpaper combined with beige color of the walls. Contrasting to clear space are two bright red couches that make the room becomes more pronounced. Other furniture are wooden, making interior style can be described as classic and modern features. Guests in the studio is a large sofa and chair set. Here guests can pleasant spend your time relaxing with a good book or watching TV. The kitchenette located in the living room is not only functional appliances, but also uniquely designed furniture. The apartment boasts a very attractive set kitchenette, which is the pride of the whole room. Deep color of wood is perfectly integrated with a light floor and walls. For this kitchenette varied by two large slanted windows that adequately illuminate the space. As a result, same pleasure there will be preparing exquisite meals. All lovers of cooking certainly will not want to leave the kitchen. Equally stylish bathroom presents itself belongs to the apartment. It is equipped with modern equipment, a spacious walk-in shower and all the necessary accessories. The apartment is well suited during tourist trips to Wroclaw for two people. In addition to an uncommon design, its real asset is the location. The apartment is located just off the main street of the old town - street Świdnicka. On the other hand, it is adjacent to the historic Salt Square. The immediate area has many attractions - from all sorts of clubs, pubs and discos and ending at elegant restaurants or cafes climate. With such a convenient location, tourists will be able to visit the most beautiful places in Wroclaw old town and feel like real Wrocławianie. There is a possibility of cancellation, at the latest two days before the agreed date of arrival. Cancellations after this deadline will cost the equivalent of the first day. Booking time 04.30.2015 - 05.03.2015 r. Is non-refundable. When checking in, guests are asked to pay a deposit of 300 PLN, in the event of any damage in the apartment. The deposit will be refunded after inspection of the apartment at the time of check-out.
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    Wroclaw most entertaining city in Poland? Szukaj, rezerwuj i mieszkaj...


    Wroclaw is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland.

    It is the capital of Lower Silesia, the fourth most populous city in Poland And fifth in terms of area.

    Wrocław market is the second largest in Europe.

    Because of its beauty Wroclaw each year attracts thousands of tourists from Europe who want to explore the city. The restaurant on the pontoon, cafeteria into a frenzy and the beach in the city center are just some of the attractions the city of Wroclaw.

    What to see?

    Wroclaw is a city of culture. There is a lot of theaters, galleries, museums, opera.

    Wrocław is a place where interesting cultural events are on the agenda.

    Wroclaw showcase numerous music festivals, for example. Jazz on the Odra, Actor Song Review, as well as many other attractions.

    Events such as the Guinness World Record Guitar T-Mobile New Horizons and Wroclaw marathon It recognized brands across Europe.


    Wroclaw is a very fun city, local restaurants are known throughout the country. The best, however, is that virtually the whole social life, entertainment and nightlife of the city takes place in the Market Square and adjacent streets to him. Quite the contrary is the example. In Warsaw, where trendy restaurants and discos are scattered throughout the city.

    Market in Wroclaw a place that is always full of life, practically until the morning.

    Local clubs are among the best in Poland, they offer great fun in a great atmosphere.

    Wroclaw Ogromna baza, sprawdzone oferty i dobre ceny...

    Accommodation in Wroclaw

    Wroclaw, a city frequented by tourists have a fully-developed base.

    It is easy to find accommodation in Wroclaw, but it is difficult to find an accommodation that will meet our expectations on price and quality.

    Our accommodation in apartments, located exactly in the the center of practically all cultural events of Wroclaw, which is in the vicinity of the Market . Only need to Refer to "map" by including it in the appropriate button on the top of the page. We make every effort to indicate you with the best accommodations in Wroclaw. Rent apartments for a day is a new way for great accommodation in Wroclaw.

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    Hotel or apartment?

    Many people wonder what kind of accommodation you choose. What would be better: a hotel or an apartment to rent?

    We believe that the apartments for rent in Wroclaw are a much better option that remains, and even surpasses the capabilities of accommodations offered by the hotels.

    Overnight in the apartment it is first and foremost a more intimate, less expensive and tailored to the individual needs of the guests.

    No you're on one, and usually by the hotel restaurant. On the Market have dozens of them, no one is forcing you to choose from. Constant competition among restaurateurs in Wroclaw makes the prices are affordable, quality excellent and the cross-section of virtually all the cuisines of the world makes will have no problem with choice of menu.

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