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    Apartament Emilii Plater - book one of the apartments

    Apartament Emilii Plater

    1 apartments    Warszawa, Emilii Plater 36/37
    very good
    4 customer ratings
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    Apartament Emilii Plater

    Available apartments :

    Apartament Emilii Plater



    hotel rooms

    accommodation (hostels, guest houses)

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    • Surface
      Number of rooms

      1 room [1]

    • District

      Śródmieście [1]

    • Faktura

      Dostępna faktura VAT

    • Amenities

      free Internet [1]

    • Kitchen equipment

      refrigerator [1]

      kettle [1]

      Mikrowelle [1]

      four-burner electric [1]

      oven [1]

      hood [1]

      Sink [1]

      freezer [1]

    • Bathroom equipment

      bath [1]

      washing machine [1]

      Hair dryer [1]

      bath with shower [1]

    • Room equipment

      cable TV [1]

      iron [1]

      ironing board [1]

      vacuum cleaner [1]

      •  Apartment Emilii Plater
      •  Apartment Emilii Plater
      •  Apartment Emilii Plater
      •  Apartment Emilii Plater
      •  Apartment Emilii Plater
      •  Apartment Emilii Plater
      •  Apartment Emilii Plater
      •  Apartment Emilii Plater
      •  Apartment Emilii Plater
      •  Apartment Emilii Plater
      •  Apartment Emilii Plater
      •  Apartment Emilii Plater
      •  Apartment Emilii Plater
      Very good

      Warsaw / Śródmieście

      Emilii Plater

      Apartmet 'Emilii Plater' is located [ODLEGLOSC_0] from for example [LANDMARK_0]. Additionally the most interesting places in town, are close. For example: [LANDMARK_1] - [ODLEGLOSC_1], [LANDMARK_2] - [ODLEGLOSC_2], [LANDMARK_3] - [ODLEGLOSC_3], [LANDMARK_4] - [ODLEGLOSC_4], [LANDMARK_5] -...
      RESERVE : 2 months ago
      39.00 m2 max 2x

      Warsaw / Śródmieście

      Apartamemnt - Emilii Plater

      Price from (PLN) 115,00
      RESERVE : 2 months ago
      Apartmet 'Emilii Plater' is located [ODLEGLOSC_0] from for example [LANDMARK_0]. Additionally the most interesting...
      Price from (PLN) 115,00
      Check price
      The apartment
      • ironing board
      • four-burner electric
      • oven
      • bath
      • washing machine
      • bath with shower
      • free Internet
      • iron
      • armchair
      • fun
      • cupboard
      • double sofa bed
      • freezer
      • refrigerator
      • sofa
      • cupboard

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