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    Golden Lane

    At the Golden Backstreet you will find many restaurants and cafes to visit, in which we can successfully grab a cup of hot coffee or enjoy one of the delicious desserts. What makes it extraordinary? It seems that mostly restored houses reminiscent of pre-war times and sleek black lamps resembling those of a hundred years ago, which in the evenings give kamienicom look like a fairy tale. "Kołobrzeg walk around the golden alley feel each breath, a long and rich history of cities. We look around you waiting przemknie lady in front of us dressed as the pre-war period, until the gentleman on the street will reveal some hat in a gesture of welcome." - We read on one of the Kołobrzeg services. We must admit that there is some truth :)

    Places of interest
    Apartments nearby
    • Apartment Apartament typu studio 2osobowy Kolobrzeg Apartament typu studio 2osobowy
      Price from (PLN) 103,29
    • Apartment Apartament typu Studio 2- 4 osoby dorosłe Kolobrzeg Apartament typu Studio 2- 4 osoby dorosłe
      Price from (PLN) 71,65
    • Apartment Apartament typu Studio z tarasem 2-4 osoby dorosłe Kolobrzeg Apartament typu Studio z tarasem 2-4 osoby dorosłe
      Price from (PLN) 81,64
    • Apartment Rodzinny Apartament typu Studio 4 osoby dorosłe Kolobrzeg Rodzinny Apartament typu Studio 4 osoby dorosłe
      Price from (PLN) 84,94
    • Apartment Pokój 2 osobowy Kolobrzeg Pokój 2 osobowy
      Price from (PLN) 139,75
    • Apartment Apartament z balkonem Kolobrzeg Starotoruńskie Przedmieście Apartament z balkonem
      Price from (PLN) 120,00
    • Apartment Apartament CENTRUM Kolobrzeg Starotoruńskie Przedmieście Apartament CENTRUM
      Price from (PLN) 38,33
    • Apartment Apartament Turkusowy Kolobrzeg Starotoruńskie Przedmieście Apartament Turkusowy
      Price from (PLN) 23,66
    • Apartment Apartament Bałtycki Kolobrzeg Starotoruńskie Przedmieście Apartament Bałtycki
      Price from (PLN) 23,66

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