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    Apartments, homes Koszalin - rent for days - 1 -


    The second largest city of Western Pomerania - Koszalin is a city with a rich history, brilliantly balancing on the border tourist monument and modernity. Probably that is why tourists from all over Polish often visit the city, whose wide range of attractions allows not only to know how interesting and acting on the history of our country stories about the resort, but also enjoy all the tourist lures of modernity. Koszalin has primarily renovated position, because apart from a short distance from the Baltic Sea beaches (about 15 kilometers) to the north city limits extend along the Lake Jamno and from the south along the North Lubiatów. Also flows through the spa Dzierżęcinka River. This makes the conditions for rest are simply brilliant. During the war, a large part of Koszalin has been destroyed, but the old town survived many interesting, fourteenth-century churches and other buildings, also originating from centuries later. The most important temples of the city, without a doubt, are: Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Lutheran Chapel of St. Gertrude and the headquarters of the Orthodox Church, which is the former castle church. The unique medieval appearance preserved the remains of the old city walls and Gothic building located on ul. Brave. Lying in the old town, of course, you can not skip charming Miller Palace, where you can observe quite well preserved mill. It should also visit the Wedding Palace and the Main Post Office building complex; join the former narrow gauge railway station and see the historic observation tower of the nineteenth century, situated on Mount Chelmska. Koszalin is also an important cultural center of the region. There are many theaters, cinemas and museums, among which the most important are: Baltic Drama Theatre, Building Fire Service, Koszalin Philharmonic and the State Archives. It is also interesting experience to visit the underground of the old brewery and the museum jamneńskiej culture. The city hosts a number of cultural events, among which the best known are the Film Festival "Youth and Film" Cabaret Summer Festival, Festival of Polish Choirs, Organ Festival, Hanza Jazz Festival.

    Places of interest
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    • Apartment Apartament Centrum Koszalin Apartament Centrum
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    Apartments for rent in Koszalin Przekonaj się dlaczego warto nam zaufać...

    Apartments Koszalin

    No need to search many companies offer to find the perfect apartment. All can be found on one side, compare and make your choice.

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    Although at the moment we have only one apartment in the center of Koszalin, is working to accommodation base of the city continued to widen.

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    Apartment for rent is amazing comfort and convenience - guests have at their disposal the whole apartment.

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    Convenient location

    Najwięszym advantage of the apartments is their location in the most desired by tourists - center.

    Although Koszalin is a city with an area of ​​little less than a hundred square kilometers, it is good to be able to save money on commuting.

    Overnight in the central point of the city is the perfect solution for active people.

    Koszalin Szukaj, rezerwuj i mieszkaj...

    About Koszalin

    Koszalin is a city in north-western Poland, in the region of Western Pomerania.

    Located on the Embankment Koszalin, the two lakes Jamno and Northern Lubiatowo.

    The city is the largest cultural center in the region. Interestingly, the city center is within 11 kilometers from the Baltic Sea.

    Things to do

    In Koszalin there are cinemas, theaters, concert hall, museums, as well as an amphitheater with a fixed roof indoor auditorium, located on their stands 5.5 thousand people. It is the largest amphitheater in Poland.

    This is a city where every year there are numerous events and festivals. The most popular are: Film Festival "Youth and Film", the Summer Cabaret Festival or Hanza Jazz Festival.


    How to spend time in Koszalin?

    The Old Town area has been entered in the register of monuments.

    Landmarks of the city are located on the European Route of Gothic.

    Visiting this town is an interesting challenge, because the list of places to visit is long, and after a day of walking edykacyjnego, we are pleased we can go, for example, to the cinema or theater.

    Stay in Koszalin Ogromna baza, sprawdzone oferty i dobre ceny...

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