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    The historic capital of Greater Poland. Poznan was one of the centers of the capital and religious Piast state in the tenth and eleventh century, in the past served as the seat of Polish kings. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland are invested - the town rights in 1253. The fifth most populous city in Poland, is an important road and rail hub, also operates an international airport. Poznan is one of the major economic centers in the country. Is an important center of industry, commerce, logistics and business tourism Operate here MTP largest and oldest exhibition center in Poland. Poznań is also a center of academic, scientific and cultural. Poznań is a city of beautiful and fascinating story here is combined with modern in an unusual way. In 2008, Poznań - historical city was considered a historical monument. The capital of Wielkopolska is full of interesting places. In the Old Market, you can find the famous Renaissance town hall, and the Market is dominated by the Royal Castle. Another point is the Cathedral Island, which is the oldest part of the city - here is the oldest cathedral in the country, which reportedly took place on Polish baptism. In the city you can see a number of historic churches, Art Nouveau buildings, monuments, and the monumental buildings of the former district built around the Park Imperial Wieniawski. Poznan is the fourth most frequently visited by tourists large city in Poland. Poznan is a bustling modern metropolis, a city of culture and entertainment. Here are held international festivals - like the famous Poznan Malta, festivals - such as Days of St. Martin, happenings, concerts, exhibitions in museums and galleries, theater. Showcase the city are recreational areas around Lake Maltańskiego.Każdego year held in Poznan numerous festivals and fairs involving crowds of locals and tourists. For lovers of active tourism Poznan offers golf courses, swimming pools and swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness clubs, shooting and skating rink. Poznan run by a very interesting tourist routes: the European Romanesque Route, Piast Route and Route Kórnicka and around the city is laid out cycling "Ring Poznanski" connected with the center of the seven routes access roads.

    Places of interest
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    Apartments for rent in Poznan Przekonaj się dlaczego warto nam zaufać...

    Apartments Poznań

    Service arose from the passion for travel and knowledge of the needs of modern tourists. Searching for suitable accommodation can be sure that we got the right place.

    The apartment owners make every effort to ensure that availability and prices for apartments are regularly updated , Which is much easier for those who know the date of departure and your budget. easily you find the ideal apartment for herself .

    Why apartment? The answer to this question is simple. Accommodation in tastefully furnished apartment gives satisfaction and first sense of independence. It's a luxury that can afford each of us.

    Comfort and quality

    When it comes to comfort, the first place you should mention this to present themselves suites, which can be found on our website. Stylish, well-kept interior of this standard.

    Also appearing functionality apartments in our offer does not leave much to be desired. One of the biggest advantages is the fact that thanks to the service We can double-check and choose the apartment that will be the answer to our needs.

    An undoubted argument for choosing an apartment is the fact that through our service, can be   a simple way to verify any information about the accommodation and as easily, after the first two steps, to book a perfect accommodation.

    Best location in an amazingly affordable price

    Tourists asked about what is most important to them when choosing accommodation, provide answers, which should not surprise anyone. Good location is what can make our trip successful.

    Arriving in an unfamiliar city, we must reckon with the fact that the riding public transportation can przyspożyć us some difficulties, while traveling in taxis easily ruin the contents of our portfolio.

    Hiking through the streets is a great way to familiarize yourself with what a city has to offer And accommodation in the heart of the center, is the perfect place to start. Choosing apartment in the city center, we focus on luxury at affordable price .

    Poznan Szukaj, rezerwuj i mieszkaj...


    The city is located on Lake District Wielkopolski, which is the capital of Wielkopolska and the fifth largest city in Poland. It inhabited by more than half a million people.

    The city is center of industry, trade, logistics, tourism And by the way the largest and oldest exhibition center in Poland . It was there that are organized International Fair Which are particularly popular.

    In addition, it is academic, scientific and cultural . In the academic year 2012/2013 at twenty-eight universities studied together, trifle, almost 130,000 people.


    In Poznan there are numerous cultural institutions. Opera, theaters, art galleries and nowczesne cinema. It's worth a theater performance, visit the most important and oldest museums and take part in interesting cultural events.

    A trip to Poznan is also the opportunity to participate in music and film festivals . In addition to this, the historic building Concordia printing house It was founded Poland's first design center and creativity - Concordia Design.

    Interestingly, the rise of the bishopric made from Poznan The first center of chant Introduced there by the Benedictines. One of the bishops was John Łodzia , Very musical creator of the sequence.


    Poznan Malta which attracts the mass of tourists and partiers. A variety of events - from those sports to the cultural make Malta meeting place and entertainment.

    In Malta throughout the year numerous events. One of the most Regatta Course The world attracts crowds of lovers of water sports. Malta Regatta Track It is the perfect place for rest and recreation.

    In November 2003, Old Brewery created center of commerce and art . It is a combination of the shopping center and art gallery. It's a great way to do it, to encourage people to dabble in the arts by the general public.

    Accommodation Poznan Ogromna baza, sprawdzone oferty i dobre ceny...

    Overnight in Poznan

    Thanks to our service you have unfettered access to thousands of offers of accommodation from Polish and outside its borders. Poznan on a range of accommodation consists of a dozen apartments.

    Although in comparison to cities such as Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw is little, it is constantly working on its enlargement. The satisfaction of our customers is a priority.

    If you are looking for accommodation that would be ideal for holiday for you and your family , The apartments are the best option. Rent comfortable apartment is a way for a successful stay. After a day we can enjoy the quiet in the cozy atmosphere of a cozy interior.

    Cheap and comfortably

    Many people assumes that accommodation in the apartments associated with high costs stay. Meanwhile, it is worth looking at the prices per person. If we do that, we will see easily that in comparison to hotels or even hostels, apartments is one of the most economical solutions .

    Especially when a trip to the interesting town accompanied us to family, friends or partner or partner . The competitiveness of these prices is not a myth, but a reality.

    The greater the We have at their disposal the whole apartment, with all essentials Such as washing machine, dishwasher, hair dryer and much more.

    A hotel or apartment

    Service Bookapart is a perfect place for all those looking for reliable and proven way to spend the night.

    Price levels reached by the hotel's rooms is not guaranteed luxury. It should be noted that they have a direct link with the hotel staff, which include front-desk staff, doormen, concierge, housekeeping, waiters and cooks.

    Although the apartments do not find service this we can be sure of its independence and intimate atmosphere. Prices of apartments are more attractive than the prices hotels. We save on the cost of accommodation, without renouncing the highest quality. Apartments is a luxury that we can afford.

    Our proposals Zobacz starannie wyselekcjonowane oferty i kierunki

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