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    Riga is the capital of Latvia, situated in the central part of the country on the river Daugava, not far from its mouth to the Baltic Sea in the Gulf of Riga. Traces of the first inhabitants of the present area of ​​Riga dates back to the tenth century, when there was the first settlement of the tribe of the Livs. Officially founded the city of Riga, Bishop Albert of Riga in 1201 year. As a result, access to the sea, the city developed its economy and industry through the development of maritime trade and its port and shipbuilding. As one of the most important ports within the Baltic Sea, Riga already in medieval times was famous in Europe and became an important point on the map. It is since then Riga was under German rule, which resulted in a number of armed struggle between them and the Latvians. As a result of which, in 1366, the authorities in the country took over Poland. The fight over land lasted a long time, and from the dominion of the occupiers Riga and the whole country came in 1991, when officially granted the status of a free state in Latvia. Old Town of Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is large in size, but its buildings and charming houses attract visitors from all over the world. In the center of the old town is baznica Doma - cathedral was built together with the monastery in the thirteenth century, which is the largest church in the Baltic countries. Tenements located in the old town and the neighboring streets were built in a beautiful Art Nouveau style that przewarza throughout the city. For this reason, Riga is regarded as the "city of secession". In addition to the main style of Art Nouveau can be seen remains of Gothic and neo-gothic especially on the example of the old churches. For example, the church. Peter, built in the twelfth century, originally in the Romanesque style, and then converted to the Gothic. Its tower has 360 degrees, and going to the top of a panoramic view of the entire city. Another, a Gothic church. James is known for its 80 meter high tower with a bell, whose topic was invented many legends. Being in the old town is worth noting the Three Brothers tenement consisting of three medieval houses and on the House of Blackheads from the fourteenth century as examples of beautifully decorated, historic buildings. Besides the old town bears the Freedom Monument, which is a symbol of independence by Latvia and was placed in 1935. Is 35 meters high and represents the epitome of freedom - a figure holding a three star responsible for the three regions of the state. Walk around the city will be a pleasant way to explore its charms. Narrow streets of the old town beautifully decorated starodawnymi lanterns, fountains, and monuments will captivate everyone. Onward journey can lead to one of the 22 parks located within Riga. At every step you come across a single tree and numerous squares, were making Riga is a city of green and healthy. This is doubtless a pearl among other cities belonging to the eastern Polish neighbors.

    Places of interest
    • Television tower
    • Cable-stayed bridge
    • Merchant Guilds
    • Rigas Pils
    • Foreign Art Museum
    • Museum of Literature and History of Art
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