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    Sobotka is situated in Lower Silesia, not far from Wroclaw. It is known that is located at the foot of the massif of Mt, which belongs to Foreland and virtually every weekend there full of visitors looking for fresh air and mountain climbing. At the top of the mountain travelers can stay at the House of Turysty them. M. Stęczyńskiego "Under Wieżycą" and sample the famous apple pie. The city is located on the Black Water - right tributary of the river Bystrica. On Ślęża spruce forests predominate, except in smaller amounts can be found deciduous trees oaks and beeches. Aside from the beautiful trees, there exists unusual vegetation, such as Polygonatum verticillatum, or cinquefoil white. Massif forests inhabited by deer, wild boars and deer, foxes and martens. Ślęża Mountains area is protected. Sobotka is known for its pagan traditions, and its history dates back to the twelfth century. It owes its name to the fact that once in every Saturday held there known throughout the area fairs. To the historical buildings in Sobotka should be a sanctuary of Saint Anne of worship created in the fourteenth century. The church is a statue of the patron saint, which according to legend was brought there in the twelfth century. Statuette carved in wood in the Romanesque and Gothic. The church over the centuries has been expanded, so you can recognize in its construction elements of Romanesque, Neo-Romanesque and Gothic. The second important historical monument is the Baroque church. James the Apostle, built in 1739, in which you can see the typical Gothic ways of decorating. The local Town Hall was built in the nineteenth century, it is one of the historical buildings of this city, so certainly need to see him exploring the surrounding area. Sobotka is divided into two parts, and west is called Sobotka-Hill. Close from there to Mount Sleza, and besides waiting there for visitors interesting historical objects. For example, the former Augustinian monastery, which today serves as a hotel. The hotel consists of the castle, whose original form dates back to the thirteenth century. Over the years, the castle passed under different authorities, which przebudowywały or repaired it. To this day, preserved architectural elements of Gothic, Renaissance and Gothic Revival. Nearby are the ruins of the brewery from the mid-nineteenth century, and educational center, a coach house and park. On the Mount of Ślęża you can relax after climbing visiting the church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was built in 1851. At the peak has several hiking trails, depending on degree of difficulty. The picturesque atmosphere and mountain air will ensure you a successful weekend for the city.

    Places of interest
    • Museum Ślęza them. S. Dunajewskiego
    • Center
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    Sunny Apartment

    No need to search many companies offer to find the perfect accommodation. Sunny apartment is cozy interiors and a pretty garden.

    An ideal choice for families with children but also for couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

    With a well maintained garden apartment, we feel completely at home.

    Comfort and savings

     The apartment is an ideal alternative to hotels or B & Bs. Arriving to Sobotka want after a break and relax from all that we have in big cities. Functionality of this place is at the highest level, and the price is an additional incentive. 


    Solar street location this announcement memorable moments.

    Sunny apartment is located in Sobotka is an excellent idea for a holiday and a few moments of relaxation in fabulously green garden.


    Bonfire Szukaj, rezerwuj i mieszkaj...

    History of the City

    Once a trading settlement in 1353 passed into the hands of the Czechs, as a dowry Silesian princess.

    He experienced its heyday during the rule of the Habsburg in the Czech Republic.

    Destroyed in 1945 by the Soviet Army in 1950-1960 is rebuilt.

    The picturesque Sobotka

    Sobotka is situated at the foot of the massif of Ślęża.

    Though it is small, because having an area of ​​approximately 32 km 2, the city, it is certainly worth seeing.

    Monuments located there, it's a mixture of different styles - Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic elements.

    Spending time in Sobotka

    In perfect for all fans of romantic walks at sunset.

    And also all those who like to explore.


    Accommodation Sobotka Ogromna baza, sprawdzone oferty i dobre ceny...

    Accommodation Sobotka was created for the book apartments worldwide. Our database is constantly updated and expanded.

    Overnight in the solar Suite Sobotka is a convenient and cost-effective solution.

    Although at the moment we have only one suite, we hope to increase this base, so that we can meet the expectations of our customers.

    Cheap and comfortably

    Rent an apartment is not associated with high costs, and this is without doubt a place full of charm.

    Visible in the pictures the rooms reflect the character of the place. The beautiful garden is a dream option on a warm evening.

    Guests have access to Wi-Fi, private parking and other facilities. With us you can be sure that you choose the perfect apartment.

    A hotel or apartment

    In Sobotka are few hotels. Sunny apartment is the perfect alternative for them and did not cost much.

    The apartment is located on the street Sunny 5

    We are confident that the apartments are a better choice - offer a high standard of convenience and access to the attractions. Opinion and customer satisfaction is our top priority!

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