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    Apartments, accommodation Sopot - 77 apartments -


    One of the most famous and most visited by tourists coastal cities in our country is Sopot. The city - which is the smallest part of the Tri-City agglomeration - is a health resort and tourist preparation of its capital makes is visited every year by thousands of visitors not only from Polish, but also from abroad. On the land side the city is shrouded by wooded hills moraine, from the sea while the Gulf of Gdansk covers the Hel Peninsula - because the water of Sopot beaches are the warmest around the Baltic Sea coast! Climate Art Nouveau houses, along with historic parks and fantastically landscaped gardens are the strength of this unique city. It is worth noting that green represents over 60% of the city. The biggest attraction is undoubtedly the pier, which for many years holds the title of longest pier on a wooden structure in Europe (over 500 meters). The construction has already passed for some kind of canon of the most popular attractions in our country, and it was she who, in conjunction with the well-prepared and Baltic beaches with water is the most powerful factor for which tourists decide to come to Sopot. But before we get to the end of the pier, we can observe already at the beginning of the square with a fountain, a band shell and glass-enclosed gallery. Tourists visiting the city can not imagine bypass the most popular pedestrian street in Sopot, or street Monte Cassino - popularly known as Monciak. In the season this way scrolling multitudes of tourists who, thirsty on hot days, have a chance to "moor" in one of the lovely cafes, or, hungry for purchase souvenirs, do your shopping in one of the shops. On the street from the cinema and theater, as everyone will find something for themselves. Another important point on the tourist map is without a doubt Sopot Forest Opera, widely regarded as one of the finest in terms of acoustics of its kind in Europe. Opera for over thirty years has hosted the Festival of Song - Sopot Festival, which already overgrown glow of legend. Moreover, on the stage of the object they occurred music stars such as James Brown, Whitney Houston, Annie Lennox, Sir Elton John, Lionel Richie, Bryan Adams and Simply Red. After a long reach to all the benefits of Sopot, best to go for a relaxing walk. 4.5 kilometer beach is a fantastic place for a stroll at any time of the year.

    Places of interest
    Apartments nearby
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    Apartments for rent in Sopot Przekonaj się dlaczego warto nam zaufać...

    Apartments Sopot

    We offer you to try out a new type of accommodation, instead of choosing accommodation in an expensive hotel during your stay in Sopot may be considered accommodation in the apartment.

    Our site brings together hundreds of apartments from across the Polish and the world, offering current, a large offer of this type of accommodation in Sopot.

    Check out the current offers, browse assessment and reviews issued by other users. Among the many listings, select the perfect apartment for themselves.

    Comfort in hand with quality

    Accommodation in the apartments is a guarantee of convenience - you get to have a whole apartment.

    The apartment owners concerned about maintaining the highest standards. Therefore, more and more visitors are choosing precisely this type of accommodation.

    Apartments are an interesting alternative to other accommodation, such as hotels, guest rooms and hostels. At a similar price can provide a much more interesting sleeping conditions.

    Attractive location

    An important advantage of the apartments is the fact that they are located in city centers or locations especially interesting for tourists.

    This is a considerable saving of time, which otherwise could be devoted to reach the center.

    This is a great location for people who want to see Sopot bars, restaurants and clubs. All the apartments are just a few meters from the apartment.

    Sopot Szukaj, rezerwuj i mieszkaj...


    Sopot is the smallest in terms of population, a town with county rights in Poland.

    The seaside resort, the spa town, which after World War II it became known that since 1961 it has been organized in Sopot festival in the Forest Opera.

    Curious Sopot

    Sopot is very well developed in terms of tourism and culture.

    For the sake of five functioning of health resorts there, attracting masses of people.

    There are treated otropedyczno-traumatic disease, rheumatologic, cardiac disease and hypertension, respiratory disease or osteoporosis.

    Spending time in Sopot

    How to enjoy your time in Sopot? The answer to this question is simple.

    Sopot galleries, museums, theaters, cinemas and concert halls.

    It also held regular events there. Not just music! Sopot Film Festival is gaining more and more fans, the Festival of Two Theatres as well.

    Accommodations Sopot Ogromna baza, sprawdzone oferty i dobre ceny...

    Accommodations Sopot

    Sopot is often visited by Polish tourists. The city has a well developed range of accommodation.

    Exceptionally easy for you to find accommodation in Sopot, more difficult to find accommodation that meets our expectations regarding price and quality.

    This is the purpose launched. We make every effort to point out to you the most interesting accommodations from Gdansk.

    Cheap and comfortably

    We are trying to expand our base as to offer accommodation in the best apartments.

    The best recommendation of the apartment are the ratings of other users who are staying in the apartment.

    No need to look in the dark or worry about the quality of accommodation. With us you can be sure that you choose the perfect apartment.

    Hotel or apartment?

    A lot of visitors wondering what kind of accommodation you choose. What is the answer to the question of what would be better: a hotel or apartment?

    Prices of apartments are more attractive than the prices of hotels, so you should check their availability. This saves on the cost of the apartment but not for the quality of accommodation.

    We believe that the apartments, rent in Gdansk, they are much better choice.

    Our proposals Zobacz starannie wyselekcjonowane oferty i kierunki

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