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    Apartments, homes Szklarska Poreba - rent for days - 12 apartments -

    Szklarska Poreba

    Located at the foot of Jizera and Giant Mountains - Szklarska Poreba has been attracting thousands of tourists who want to relax closer to nature. In the vicinity of the city are also two Giant Mountains waterfalls - Szklarka and Kamieńczyk that make the city has some of the best natural conditions for tourism. The history of the city itself is inseparable from its glassworks, the first of which has already started its activities in the fourteenth century. Over time, the city became, thanks to its location, the increasingly popular with tourists. The development of means of transport and roads played an important role in the development of the city. Today Szklarska Poreba is primarily a ski resort, mountain hiking and biking. Organized numerous events around the city was famous not only in Poland, but also abroad. Among the most popular sporting events we will find: Piast Race, launched in 1976; Retro slalom, whose aim is a fun and nurturing the historical ski equipment, while substantially rejecting modern ski equipment; sled dog racing. Szklarska Poreba is also known thanks to urządzanym tournaments around downhills, or downhill bike riding, cycling jumping tournaments, professions and BMX bicycle marathon. Its popularity also owes the city of the Polish Radio that peeled a city as Capital Scheme III LP just Szklarska Poreba. Also here is a ternary Avenue of the Stars, in which, for embedded in the wall prints mouth, we find, among others, Brand Niedźwiedzki, Cuba Strzyczkowskiego, Peter Baron, Wojciech Mann, Arthur Andrus and Monika Olejnik. In the area you will find many sites that will provide us not only great fun, but also fantastic visual experience. Szklarska Poreba is located at the foot of the second highest peak of the Giant Mountains - Szrenica (1362 m). Furthermore, in the area there are also two highest waterfalls in the mountain range, which Kamienczyk waterfall (27 meters) and waterfall Szklarki (over 13 meters). The picturesque landscape will enjoy a variety of other forms of terrain, such as. Boilers glacial Raven Rocks and many others. The city also has a number of arcyciekawych sights, which include: The Church of Corpus Christi. Franciscan Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, House Garharta and Carl Hauptmann, Home Wlastimil Hofman, House of Jan Sztaudynger, Mill Luke, Crystalglassworks Julia, Old hut Sudeten (shack). Revived in 1999, Walloon Hut is also an important element of the local attractions. Cottages, cultivating treasure hunters centuries-old traditions of the mountains - the Walloons, is decorated in a unique way. In its halls are held meetings on the region's history, traditions Walloon, and culminates in the story of the legend of Spirit Mountain - Karkonoszu. Located in the city center Family Theme Park Esplanada is a perfect place for a family closer ties. In the park you will find such objects as Alpine Coaster, Tower Emotion, Mini-Cars and Mini Golf.

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