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    Tel Aviv

    Tel-Aviv is a city located on the Mediterranean, on a plain Szarów in Israel. It is the second largest city in the country, with an area of ​​51.8 kilometrów² and a population of over 400 000 people, which is called the global metropolis. It is the richest and most developed city in Israel. On the one hand there full of office buildings, headquarters of global companies and even the stock exchange, the other is a coastal city, where you can have fun in the nearby bars, discotheques. The city focuses on wealthy residents, so you can go there for exclusive shopping or fancy restaurant. In ancient times the area of ​​today's Tel-Aviv Jaffa were called. Archaeological excavations led to the discovery of the ruins of the towers, ramparts and city gates from the Bronze Age and Iron Age temple. The first information about the current city appeared in the lists already in 1470 BC, and in the Bible. For thousands of years the city was famous for its sea port and this was identified. In 1099 years the city of Jaffa was conquered by the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Next fight contributed to the frequent change of rulers of the city - from the Muslim Saladin, for Richard I the Lionheart, then took over the Sultan Baybars, in the sixteenth century, the Ottoman Turks occupied the town. In 1799, Napoleon Bonaparte conquered the city and ordered the killing of all the inhabitants of Jaffa, and the plague, which came later, had killed the rest of the population. In the nineteenth century, the city revived, the population has grown, developed trade with Europe, and the city enriched itself and expanding, your turf. The official name Tel Aviv was given to the city only in 1910. All through the Jews, who in 1906 founded their neighborhood on the outskirts of the city of Jaffa. Over the years, the district grew up in haste, being a refuge for other Jews who came and settled there permanently. In 1949, combined with the Tel-Aviv Jaffa. The most famous monuments of Tel-Aviv is primarily White City - Estate 5000 buildings built in the architectural style of the Bauhaus school. All the buildings are decorated in white color hence the name. The community of these buildings is the world's largest modernist residential and declared a World Heritage Site. Then an important point during a visit to Tel-Aviv should be famous Jaffa Port, which, as shown in the history of the city, is one of the oldest in the world. For tourists waiting there the traditional market, you can also see the fishing boats and sail on one of the tourist cruises. Beautiful building Mahamoudia Mosque, built in 1812 attracts many tourists. There you can see the twelfth-century minaret tower, columns stolen from Caesarea and Ashkelon and its lovely fountain. Tel-Aviv is a multicultural city, different groups of immigrants have made something of their culture and religion, as well reflect the monuments and architecture of the city. Walking through the old streets of Tel-Aviv is forever, so it's best to go there for a longer trip.

    Places of interest
    • Great Synagogue
    • Cymbalista Synagogue and Jewish Heritage Center
    • Jaffa Port
    • Yitzhak Rabin Center
    • Bloomfield Stadium
    • Palmach Museum
    • Hechal Yehuda Synagogue
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