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    Venice is located in the northern part of Italy, on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Its area takes a lot of small, often swampy islands, which are separated by numerous canals - it is worth mentioning the Grand Canal, which is the largest and longest canal in the entire city and is a kind of business card Venice. As you can guess, in Venice can be found even more bridges than channels. Most tits and Italian Ponte delle Tette is the most popular among tourists because of its playful name that has its origins in the sixteenth century. In those days, passing through the mid-bridge we could see a lot of women of easy virtue, that naked look through the windows of nearby houses, thereby luring passing men. Due to the numerous canals and narrow bridges, preferably around the city on foot or by boat - called vaporetto trams or romantic gondolas, very popular among tourists. Due to the unique development and continuous waterboarding islands, Venice is not inhabited by many people. Most of them live on the mainland, Mestre and Venice on the islands themselves living less than 50,000 people. This does not change the fact that the city is always full of tourists from around the world who crowd the narrow streets of the old town. Venice was the capital of the Republic of Venice from 726 to 1797 years. Najświetniejszy then experienced a period and was the most powerful political and commercial center in the Mediterranean. From the thirteenth to the sixteenth century, the city developed dynamically, then created the most beautiful buildings, which today account of Venice's reputation in Europe and around the world. Typical Venetian souvenirs are glass or mask. On the islands of Murano tradition of making distinctive glass objects dating back to the eighth century. In 1291 it opened the first glassworks. On the island you can visit the Glass Museum, which presents the history of Venetian glass products including different techniques and inventions over the centuries. Masks its tradition owe famous, Venetian Carnival, which resembles a carnival in Rio de Janeiro in the whole of Europe. The origins of the Carnival of Venice reach the eleventh century, but on a permanent basis to this day is done since the eighteenth century. All participants will necessarily play carnival masks, which provides them with anonymity and complete devotion to the madness of fun. The most important place in Venice, which every tourist must see St. Mark's Square. Brand, which is the most historical monuments. Mark is the patron saint of the whole city, and the Basilica of the name of his relics are preserved. It was built in the ninth century, and with its elevation formed square. From the very beginning of its inception, St. Mark's Square. Mark was the heart of Venice, held there for the most important events. In addition to building the Basilica of St. The brand that its architecture, decoration and rich interior delight every passer-by on the square you can visit the Napoleon wing building, which consists of the Old and New Procuratie and was built in the classical style on request Napoleon Bonaparte. Next to it is the clock tower and the bell tower of St. Mark. Nearby, on the squares of dei Leonici you can see the beautiful building of the episcopal curia. These and many other monuments were built in Venice about the sixteenth century, when the city passed its best period. Venice is considered by many to be the cradle of European art. There is home to numerous art museums, including the Gallerie dell'Accademia, presenting mainly Renaissance Venetian painting, for example, "Vitruvian Man" by Leonardo da Vinci. For art lovers will also be known reputable art festivals: the annual Venice Film Festival and the Venice Biennale of Architecture, which first took place in the late nineteenth century.

    Places of interest
    • Basilica di San Marco
    • Piazza San Marco
    • Palazzo Ducale
    • Torre dell'Orologio
    • Bridge of Sighs
    • Procuratie
    • Ponte di Rialto
    • Grand Canal
    • Santa Maria della Salute
    • Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
    • Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore
    • Ca 'Rezzonico
    • Ca 'Pesaro
    • Teatro La Fenice
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    Apartments for rent in Venice Przekonaj się dlaczego warto nam zaufać...

    Apartments in Venice

    The apartments are a new type of accommodation. They have a very high standard and offer unique comfort.

    In our system, there are hundreds of apartments for rent in Venice. We always current, a large offer of this type of accommodation.

    Check the current offer of apartments, see the assessment as well as reviews by other visitors that set the site. Choose from hundreds of offers. Find the perfect accommodation for themselves.

    Comfort and quality

    Staying in apartments is very comfortable - you get the disposal of the entire apartment.

    The owners take care to maintain a high standard suites, for this reason that the guests are increasingly choosing exactly the kind of accommodation placing it above hotels.

    The apartments are a good alternative to other accommodation, such as hotels, guest rooms or hostels. At a similar price can provide a much more interesting sleeping conditions.

    Attractive location and price

    The big advantage of the apartments is the fact that they are in city centers, and therefore places particularly desirable among the guests.

    Possibility of sleeping in the center of Venice is a great adventure and guarantee an unforgettable experience.

    It is also an excellent location for people who want to check the Venetian pubs, cafes, restaurants.

    Venice Szukaj, rezerwuj i mieszkaj...


    Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Great views that can be admired in Venice breathtaking.

    It is the perfect place for a romantic trip or a relaxing trip. Every year, tourists visiting Venice from all over Europe, and usually come back regularly because in Venice you can relax and take a break from speeding life.

    It is a scenic and mysterious place, full of narrow, ancient streets and local cafes.


    What to see?

    It is a sin to be in Venice and do not use the cruise through the Grand Canal. During the cruise, you can see plenty of attractions. Water bus enters the Piazza San Marco - the largest and most famous square, the oldest part of Venice.

    On the same square there is a lot to see, and this is just part of the attractions offered by Venice. On the square you can find small shops with souvenirs and local products.

    Worth seeing the Basilica San Marco. The vaults covered with mosaics present themselves splendidly.


    Venice is a place very climate, mysterious and romantic. Small cafes and restaurants create a unique atmosphere.

    In the narrow alleyways they are arranged booths with food either very luxurious shops with beautiful jewelry, hats or gloves luxury.

    In the evening, enjoy a gondola trip to admire the scenery, relax and drift away ...

    Accommodation Venice Ogromna baza, sprawdzone oferty i dobre ceny...

    Accommodation Venice

    Venice is very often visited by tourists and has a well-developed network of accommodation.

    Overnight in Venice is not a problem. The difficulty is to find a place that meets all of our expectations.

    Precisely for this reason, it was created We make every effort to present you the most interesting accommodations from Venice.

    Cheap and comfortably

    Excellent accommodation does not have to cost a fortune. Choosing the best apartments we receive comfort and interior of niebalanym design.

    Accommodation in apartment gives us comfort and comfort that is usually unattainable during your stay.

    The price of such accommodation makes it extremely tempting in comparison to other offers.

    A hotel or apartment

    Visitors often wonder what type of accommodation you choose. Is the apartment would be a better choice than a hotel?

    We believe that the apartments are much more advantageous choice. The apartments do not persist, and even exceed the capabilities of accommodations offered by the hotels.

    Overnight in the apartment it is certainly more intimate, less expensive and adapted to the individual requirements of guests.

    Our proposals Zobacz starannie wyselekcjonowane oferty i kierunki

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