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    Vienna is the capital, and by the way the largest city in Austria, located in the north-eastern part of the country. Around 500 BC, Vienna was founded as a Celtic settlement, and in 15 BC, Roman turned into a border post. His received city rights in 1221 years, thus becoming one of the biggest, and thus most miasy the Holy Roman Empire, and after its collapse - the capital of the Austrian Empire and later of Austria-Hungary. 1918 is the moment in which turned into the capital of the Republic of Austria. The center of Vienna, written in 2001 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is filled to the brim with all the monuments of historical eras, although dominated by those from the nineteenth-century historicism and Art Nouveau late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It is one of the most popular and najtłumniej visited cities in Europe. According to the information contained in the American report Marcera Vienna is a city with the highest quality of life around the world!

    Places of interest
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    Apartments for rent in Vienna Przekonaj się dlaczego warto nam zaufać...

    Apartments Vienna

    Apartments is a new kind of accommodation, which exceeds the range of hotels in terms of convenience and comfort.

    We service hundreds of apartments in Vienna. We create timely, extensive list of such accommodation in Vienna.

    See offers see evaluation and reviews issued by other users. Choose from many apartments. Find the perfect apartment for themselves.

    Comfort and quality

    Staying in apartments is a guarantee of comfort and pleasantly spent.

    The apartment owners take care to maintain the highest professional standards. Guests are increasingly turning to just this kind of accommodation.

    The apartments are a great alternative to other types of accommodation, such as hotels, guest rooms or hostels. At a similar price they can offer a much better sleeping conditions.

    Attractive location

    The big advantage of the apartments is their location - located in the heart of Vienna.

    The possibility of spending time in the center is an excellent opportunity to visit the major attractions and save time.

    The apartments have very good location for people who want to learn about pubs, cafes and restaurants in Vienna. Most attractions are located a few steps from the apartment.

    Vienna Szukaj, rezerwuj i mieszkaj...


    Vienna was named the best city to live. Why? Because it is a beautiful and most friendly people of the place.

    Residents of Vienna enjoy the highest quality of life. Well worth a visit Vienna and see its advantages for yourself.

    The rich attractions of Vienna make it the place most visited by tourists from all over Europe.

    What to see?

    The city center is full of monuments from different eras.

    In Vienna, a lot to see. Starting from St. Stephen's katerdy by the Museum of Fine Arts until after the current architecture of the Museum Quarter.

    In Vienna, there are over 27 castles and palaces 150.


    One of the biggest entertainment park Prater is located in the Ferris Wheel.

    Prater - in addition to the attractions offered - is also one of the most beautiful urban parks.

    In Vienna we find the world-famous cabinet of Madame Tussauds wax figures.

    Accommodation in Vienna Ogromna baza, sprawdzone oferty i dobre ceny...

    Accommodations Vienna

    Vienna as a city often visited by tourists is well-developed network of accommodation.

    Exceptionally, we can easily find accommodation in Vienna, it is more difficult to find accommodation that meets our expectations for the price-quality ratio.

    It is for this reason launched We are doing our best to point you in the best accommodations in Vienna.

    Cheap and comfortably

    Excellent accommodation does not have to cost a fortune. When choosing accommodation in apartments, we can count on the comfort of the same if not better than in hotels.

    Accommodation in apartment gives us comfort and peace of mind, which is usually unattainable during your stay at the hotel.

    The cost of such accommodation makes it becomes a very tempting offer compared to hotels.

    Apartment or a hotel

    A lot of visitors reflects on the choice of accommodation. What would be a better hotel or apartment?

    We are confident that the apartments are preferable because they are more comfortable and well-equipped.

    Overnight in the apartment it is first and foremost a more intimate, attractive cost, as well as tailored to the individual requirements of guests.

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