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    Centennial Hall

    Centennial Hall is one of the few buildings in the Polish UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pride of Wroclaw, Hall has witnessed many important historical events and has become one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. The designer of the hall was a prominent architect Max Berg. It opened in 1913 and was to commemorate the centenary issue proclamations "To my people" by Frederick William III, which called for resistance against Napoleon. Hall was to be part of a larger trade fair complex, which then Wroclaw really need to effectively compete with other German cities. As part of the complex formed yet Four Domes Pavilion, Pergola and two smaller halls. Its unusual shape from the beginning aroused considerable controversy, malicious likened it to a "hat box". However, despite some protests and concerns of safety of the structure was decided to build. After completion of the hall boasted the largest dome in the world. After the war, its name changed to People's Hall. Reverted to the original version a few years ago. Hall also recently undergone a major refurbishment and has regained its original. In the hall still hosts many shows, exhibitions, fairs, games and cultural events. It also operates the Regional Centre for Business Tourism. Around the hall create a great team recreation area with Zoo, one of the largest in Poland, Szczytnicki Park, the Japanese Garden and exceptional multimedia fountain. This is one of the places that you must visit in Wroclaw!

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